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Name: Tish
Age: 18
Location: H-Town
Nationality: German/Irish (though I really don't think it matters, I'm just a cultureless white drone)
Sexuality: FOMG I AM BI
Twenty Favorite Bands: Neutral Milk Hotel (!!!!!!), Metric, Cake, Ween, Rilo Kiley, Selena, Old-school Shakira (she used to not suck, I promise), Blonde Redhead, Junior Senior, Mum, Nobuo Uematsu (composer).. you know, my only real "favorite band" is Neutral Milk Hotel. "Twenty favorite bands" is not really possible for me. Oh yeah: I forgot The Decemberists.
Hobbies: I draw shit. Have some shit I drew. I am also a fan of making asinine social commentary. I am fairly popular/prominent on a few internet forums for this.

(that's a self portrait, btw)
Ten Favorite Movies: I'm not sure if I have any. I just saw Garden State, it was really good. I also liked The Hole (banned in the US) and Suicide Club (not banned in the US, surprisingly). I also liked that-movie-that-had-Jim-Carrey-in-it-in-a-serious-role. I can't remember what the name of it is because I'm braindead, but it was fairly recent and had some chick with blue/orange hair in it.

Religion: I'm agnostic. I don't give half a rat's ass about your religion. You can be religious, sure. I don't care. You can be atheist. I don't care about that, either. I like to call agnosticism "The Path of Ultimate Apathy".
Abortion: If you don't like them, don't get one. Unlike most people, I do consider abortion a form of murder - I just don't care, because I value the life of those already living and contributing over the life of those who are not yet born.
War: I'm not really pro the war we are in right now. However, under the right circumstances I would fully support war. These just aren't... right circumstances in any sense of the term.
Economics: I am economically conservative. As a former "welfare baby", I vouch for the re-organization of the welfare system so it can be manipulated less. Checks need to be put into place to make sure parents are properly caring for their children as opposed to say, stealing their money (???) and going on vacation with it (???). Also, blowing food stamps/AFDC checks on wine coolers or other excessively random things is not cool in my book.
Drugs: You know, I've just never really been interested in drugs. Some of 'em I don't really have a problem with (smoke pot? I couldn't possibly care), like salvia, and in some cases, shrooms, but there are others that if you take, I most likely think you're fucking retarded. I probably won't tell you because I think it's your right entirely to fuck yourself up, but you should know that I'm thinking it.
The Scene: To be honest, while I have no problem with "the scene" itself, I really hate a lot of scene people. Like, really really hate. Strongly. I'm actually an art fag, anyway. We look kind of like scene kids, we just care a little less about it. I'm also more "indie" than "scene", as I'd rather go searching for new music online anyway. I'm not too fond of a lot of the people at shows.
Straightedge: Straightedge people are funny. They're probably the least offensive of the stupid punk/skater offshoot subcultures, and I don't really mind them, as they've never been obnoxious to me.
Skags: I really don't know what a "skag" is.
Fashion: Fashionxcore makes me really, really sick. Please refrain from dressing cool unless you are actually interesting so I am not decieved in the future and attempt to speak to you. Also: PEARLS DO NOT GO WITH EVERYTHING. Also: I really, really hate those ruffly little "I am a curtain" skirts. Please, stop wearing them. You look really, really stupid. Also: Big plastic earrings and big plastic sunglasses frequently make you look like you're five and dressing up in mommy's room, not like you're "awesome". All things in moderation, please.
Veganism and Animal Rights: I have no problem with vegans/vegetarians, I actually happen to like a lot of veggie food better than I do the meaty variety (Morningstar Farms chicken nuggets, anyone?). I'm not one myself, though, I like sushi too much. Animal rights... I think people really need to respect their animals more, but I also really hate PeTA because they're retarded, politically-motivated terrorists, not really people who "care about the animals".

post at least three clear pictures, and no more than six.

(that's me and my Goat right thar, who is far more indie than I could ever manage, but is at the same time the least scene indie person ever)
There's us again.
There's me as a little Tish, in 8th grade. Yes, I did wear that to the school dance.
I lack fashionxcore.
Me tuning Goat's guitar. At the time I didn't know which way you played the guitar (though I know some people play it left-handed), and since I'm left-handed, that occured to me to be the easiest way to tune.

AND obviously, tell me why you should be accepted.

Because you're running low on members and I suck less than I could suck. I could really be a lot worse. I could be an otaku. I could be fashionxcore. I could be a church rat. There are a lot of things I could be that are a lot worse.
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